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Originally Posted by Colinv6 View Post
I'd really love to know where they got this "M car owners want more differentiation from normal 3/4 series" vibe?

To me the F8x M3/4 look stunning, and you can easily tell either one on the road apart from a normal 3/4 series.
Don't we want to be deceptive sometimes. Don't you love when someone notices some small piece that only your model or your year had? I think M's should be different, but it should really be in the details. BMW has gotten a little M badge happy these days, so ok fine. But if you pull up next to your fellow forum member and have a little fun, that could lead to fun talks about what mods or plans some has. I get certain m purities, but the m (short of the M1) which I think is truly unique at the time, always pays tribute to its series.