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thankfully Im governed to 163 in Mexico LOL--- and I would only take the Plaid up there when there are no other cars on the express way.

In the States I like the rush of 0-100 and maybe some sub 5 second 60-130 runs.
Tell me about it. The first time the G82 zoomed to 167, in Mexico, it went so fast, I was too busy looking a mile ahead at the overpass. When I finally noticed how fast, I just let off. There was no one around, anywhere, including the C7 that was over a mile behind me.

I dont have any doubt this car will do the 180. It was still pulling like a freight train.
Nothing like a high speed pull. I only wish BMW didn't force you to have option it to remove the governor. I didn't option it hoping that when the ecu is crack, the tune will remove it. I hit 202 on the hellcat in Mexico of course. What a rush, the funny thing was I hit 194 earlier in the morning when I was on my way to the gym, I let off without even realizing I almost hit 200. I had to go for it later on the day. One of my bucket list. Crossed it off.
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