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I have 2 cars right now. A M2 for fun and also a 335i xDrive. I can't get rid of the xDrive car due to the winter driving requirement. I would love to consolidate to one M3 with M xDrive. This would be a dream for enthusiasts who want to drive their M cars year round in a northern climate. As long as the front wheel drive can be disabled as it can in the new M5, I think this would be a dream come true in the next gen M3/M4.
Plenty of people drive their RWD M cars in northern climates with Winter tires. I'm about to do just that this winter.
The xDrive car drives like a snowmobile through anything icy or snow covered. I'm personally not willing to pass on that traction and stability and drive the M2 alone even with snow tires. Maybe I am alone, but I don't think so.
Different strokes as they say. Tires are more important then anything including AWD.
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