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Originally Posted by kyriian View Post
ST205/ST185 Celica GT4 would disagree with you, equivalent ITR today is easily twice the money of the faster, much rarer, AWD, homologation GT4s

Today's market is obviously gone insane so who knows at this point, but my point on classic sporty Hondas fetch higher price than classic sporty Toyotas are not without merit, only exception to the rule seems to be the Mk4 Supra and the original 86, former is made famous by an American movie, the latter made famous globally by a Japanese manga
I was never comparing the original ITR (not surprised that it is double the price of the GT4 in today's collector market). I just don't think think the new Civic Type R (much higher production numbers than the original ITR I believe) will fetch the kind of scratch that the GR Yaris will. Could be wrong but only time will tell. Personally, if I was picking one over the other to keep in a time capsule to sell in 25 year, it would be the GR Yaris.
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