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I guess my question is how much AMG and M compete now that they're separate car lines from their parent companies ... obviously if one of them really falls behind in value it'll cause switching, but there are some features I don't think they compete in much.

Take 'verts: is AMG really trying to steal BMW M 'vert customers? Or are trying to create a new segment of Benz buyers? I suspect it's the latter. AWD seems the same to me - is BMW really trying to protect against customer loss or would the primary goal be to open up a new segment of M buyers? I tend to go with the latter.

I'm a great example of someone who might switch to AMG, but the value just isn't there: it's about 30% more on a lease, it's a soft top, it's a crappier transmission with a stalk shifter, it doesn't look as nice, and it isn't as sharp as the M4. But it does have v8. That's just not a great match up for me whether you add AWD or not. So who does it work for? People that like Benz and would probably never buy a BMW.
I switched over from an AMG to an M3.

The dynamic ability of the M3 and the quality of the interior won out in the end. Not to mention connected drive and coding which isn't available on the Benz.

I never thought I'd leave AMG but the F80 to me is near perfection both interior and exterior wise. And for me cost didn't play a role at all. The fact that the M3 was cheaper than the C63 was an unexpected bonus.

Anybody that has driven a C63 sedan would know there is just no comparison between handling and dynamism that an M car provides. The gearbox on the C63 has improved but it's no where near as good as our DCT or the ZF gearbox which will likely become the standard across the BMW range in the future.

My one major dissapointed with the M3 was the exhaust. The M performance exhaust upgrade has fixed that issue.

The much harder decision for me was between the Alfa quadrifuglio and the M3. In the end reliability concerns scared me off the Alfa. But it is one impressive beast.

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