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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
I guess my question is how much AMG and M compete now that they're separate car lines from their parent companies ... obviously if one of them really falls behind in value it'll cause switching, but there are some features I don't think they compete in much.
In my not so humble opinion you are overthinking it. They not only compete - they are fierce competitors. Don't mistake slightly different approaches to a specific technical problems or different levels of emphasis on some esoteric traits for not competing for the same pool of customers.

To address your specific example, if the C63 had been available when I was ready to purchase in 2014, I'd have definitely gave it very serious and careful consideration. And if I were buying a convertible like I had the past two generations, I think it might very well have given me motivation to wait - I think that car (the A205 C63) is a complete beast. Would love to have one and would have no problem choosing it over an F83 M4. The sedan, it turns out, is a little lacking in the aesthetic department (not sold on the current four-door Mercedes design language, plus it lacks the fat fenders and hence wider tires of the two door models), so it would be a tougher sell. But the V8 might just be enough to do it. For better or worse I never had to make the choice.

At the end of the day I put the chances of a G** M3/M4 with AWD very low, and the chances of the same with a *206 "C63" (or whatever they call it) staying RWD at essentially zero.
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