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Originally Posted by snarkeygolbin View Post
Thanks 9153Mark.
I have booked another test drive with the SO tomorrow!

Will see what she thinks :-)

Ive only done 13k in the m140i in 2 years (mainly due to covid) but would lvoe to take the m3 on the scotland 500 / wales 350 etc.

Dam its like being a kid at christmas again haha.
I had a test drive on Monday in the M4 and took my good lady with me. She found the car much more comfortable than my F82. It had the carbon fibre seats and although we both found them to be a pain to get into and out of, they were comfortable once we were in the car. Maybe it was me, but I felt you sat a lot lower in the car than my M4. Didn't help getting out of the car!

The ride and grip were excellent, although with my "passenger" I had to behave so I couldn't try too much. Overall, I really liked the car. I probably would pass on the carbon seats and I thought there were way too many buttons - it did feel like a plane cockpit! Getting back in my F82 it did feel a little dated. Overall, great car, definitely a more mature version that will not suit everyone, but still too expensive.

I feel I will now wait until the X-drive version comes out. Not because I want one, but hoping it will increase the discounting that just seems to be ramping up at the moment.

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