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G80 RWD Wet traction in the UK?

Hey all. been reading this forum for awhile pondering over the new G80 M3. So, today I have taken it for a test drive to see if the RWD would win me over, and it did. I have an M140i right now and swore not to get another RWD. After reading and watching the reviews I thought it was worth test driving it. I instantly fell in love with the look of it in real life! Went for a spirited drive for a short while and enjoyed it. It was the feel of RWD why I bought the M140i (rather than Golf R, RS3, etc.), but we got stuck on a slight incline on grass once, and it kind of put me off (along with traction in the wet).

Here is the thing. BMW have offered me a very good deal. I was expecting to have to pay off my PCP (1.5 years left), so I thought I could handle paying off a year to get the M3, but 1.5 years a bit overkill! But, today they said they will basically wipe out the finance if I take the M3. So a question for the UK peeps of the forum. If you anyone has there's already. How is the traction in the wet? I was kind of hoping today would be wet (so much so, I booked another drive for Wednesday). The traction in the dry is very good.

I will be getting this car. Just seeing if I can get it now with RWD instead of AWD a lot earlier than expected. I have kind of shot myself in the foot so looking by telling the OH I'll be getting AWD next, but after driving this M3 I am not so sure again (I do much prefer the drive of RWD). Any pre made excuses I can use?
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