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Originally Posted by solstice View Post
AW: Have it now and I never get the same color back to back.
BSM: Had it on one funfer. Too much maintenance but if nothing else, maybe.
Dravit: Hell no, not driving around in car looking like it was pulled out of the paint shop with just primer on it.
Portimao: M340i launch color, kind of feel wrong on the M of that reason.
Tanzanite: Too dark, looks kind of dull in overcast / PNW.
IoM: Green...very difficult to pull off on anything but English cars, so no.
Yellow: no.
Toronto red: Maybe, it was popular on the E30 M3 but red cars are kind of reserved for Italy.

So no ideal color here. As for interior. Full black of course. Two-tone? Heck no.
Less than exciting for sure. None of those colors are really giving off the "gotta have it" vibe like LSB, PY, YMB, AY, IB, etc.....although SPY remains to be seen. I wonder if Individual will be available at launch?!?! Is SPY is similar to Speed Yellow, that could be an option.