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Active sound - I'll never get it ..... BMW just let it sound as it sounds and tune the actual exhaust system best that you can please.

People knock the american muscle cars for various reasons but the natural sound of a stock Shelby GT350 or even a Camaro will drop the panties off the girls faster than you can say turbo six.
Never understood the active sound, suppose the S55 sound was so shitty that it forced the engineers into more stupid ways of solving the problem. Porsche has "sound symposer" solution which is actual pipes feeding real induction sound into the cabin...with less insulation for the sportier 911s...

Best to sell the '17 for scrap metal and enjoy the '13!
The S55 itself doesn't sound shitty at all. Have you ever rolled down the windows of an F8X on a quiet night and actually listened to the motor and those sonorous turbos spool???? The exhaust might leave more to be desired by some people's accounts, but the motor itself sounds wonderful.
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