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Originally Posted by Samurai of 2day View Post
Yeah, to this point, most Leo's, Military Service Members and other first responders are people just like everyone else.

If you just show a little mutual respect and carry yourself with honesty and dignity, you might be pleasantly surprised on the outcome of that short interaction.

I will try to post a pic later, but I remember a long time ago I was on a motorcycle run with about 8-10 guys from various military branch services. Not a large group by most standards.

Since the group was made up of random dudes who decided to meet up after bumping into each other on the shared installation over the course of a few months, the run was very tame and not aggressive by any means.

Got lit up by a State Trooper and everyone one of us pulled over. The cop was noticeably appreciative of the fact that we didn't run, so he let all of the modified, less than legal bike owners off with a warning and well wishes. It's possible the military IDs helped, but State Troopers are notoriously less forgiving than local Leo's towards military guys.

As for the reason we got pulled over, I remember the cop saying someone in a car we passed a few miles back dialed 911 and called us in for being too loud early in the morning, lol.
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