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Originally Posted by andrewsd View Post
It might be because the ZF8 shift just as quick but is superior as a dual purpose transmission, which is what M cars are. It's more efficient, smoother when you're not hammering it, and when it counts just as quick.

And for what it's worth I think the M2/M3 should keep the DCT, it's a more dramatic/fun transmission and feels special. But the zf makes sense on more than just cost.
Do you drive your F90 in auto mode all the time? Then you wouldn't feel much difference between the two.
If ZF8 were indeed superior, supercar brands like Ferrari would have been the first to adopt it. ZF8 can't rev high and is sluggish near redline. They are just not.

Originally Posted by andrewsd View Post
People keep saying it's because of cost cutting, is it really? Source?
The unit price of ZF8 is said to be one-third of a comparable Getrag(now Magna) DCT. What's interesting is Schmiedmann(they order directly from BMW) charges 14,500 euro for F10 M5 DCT but charges 10,000 euro for F90 M5 ZF8.

It's no wonder the chief bean counter (Quintus) of M division actively pushed for DCT to be gone since F10 M5; Albert Biermann, head of the M at the time, fought to retain the DCT which is why F10 didn't go automatic.
He told in an interview with C&D that one of the main reasons he left the company was that the board was no longer interested in building enthusiast cars, specifically mentioning their decision to cancel DCT for F90.
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