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The space behind the rear creates a negative pressure, or a vacuum behind the car. This in turn becomes drag. By focusing the exhaust gas in the negative space, the high velocity air will reduce or eliminate the vacuum generated by the empty space. This is the same idea behind why the Zonda has the exhaust in back of the trunk.
I thought there must be a functional reason for the exhaust placement and this very well could be it. The other thing I noticed though is the "truck nuts" muffler seems to be hanging down into the air that is flowing out from under the car. If aerodynamics is the reason for the placement of the exhaust, you would thing they would tuck the car's nuts away.
I could see it shave off some grams, as (marginally) less piping is needed. However, I think it's mostly just a way for BMW to earn a few more euros from people who want to differ from the rest.