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Originally Posted by DallasLife345M View Post
I think this car, along with the entire new gen of M3/4, is very ugly. With that said, this happens every generation to every car. When the F8x's were being released all the E92 owners hated them. Same thing happens over on the P-car boards, every new generation is despised, well for the first few months anyway. I've watched as the same naysayers end up in the new gen, then love them. In about 6 months when these babies are on all the boards, mods are being released, and they are all the rage, everyone will love them. And sadly, the F8x will be old hat.
There is no real "last classic." Classics are made constantly. Every generation has a fan group that consider that model to be a "classic."

Imagine that the new upcoming G80 M3 launched today. There's going to be a 15 year old kid who will love it and will dream of owning one someday. Fast forward 10-15 years, that kid worked hard and has enough money to buy an M3 of his own. The G80 M3 he fell in love with 15 years earlier will be considered by them a "classic"

It's all relative, and a classic is made every single day 😃