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Originally Posted by dailym3 View Post
There's a fundamental question that the M department needs to figure out. Are they going to keep going down the "more is better" rabbit hole? More tech, more power, more complexity, more dealer service, more weight, more money....and less ultimate driving machine. Do we really want what the M5 is becoming, 4500 pounds of tech bloat where we can all debate how bad iDrive 12.0 still is? Call me a purist, but I'll gladly take less of all that....and more of a real ultimate driving machine. What made these cars great once upon a time was their balance, handling characteristics, steering feedback, and power that didn't overcome all of the above. At some point I'm hoping BMW stops trying to build cars for a 0-60 magazine headline, and maybe goes against the trend and gets back to what made them such fun cars to begin with. Now someone get those damn kids off my lawn!
An M-car is a mass market performance car that is mostly a daily driver but can also be used for sport (i.e., track use). Each generation meets that mission with the latest technology, technical and mechanical, which means M cars get better and better at the dual duty as the years go by. And, the F8x generation is faster, more capable, and more comfortable - both duties - than every generation before it.

What an M-car is not, is a niche spec racer, and it never was. But good news! Now, for the first time, you can buy a spec racer M4, the GT4.

That's about as pure as it gets.

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I thought the next M4 was going to be a flying car powered by bloomin' onions and a teaspoon of mayonnaise. At least that's what I read on the internet @