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Originally Posted by neilum View Post
It's rarely that simple in terms of keeping the preferred weight distribution and agility a RWD car provides when adding an AWD system. GTR, 911 for example pull of AWD flawlessly but most AWD cars are a detriment to performance.

What I would really love is a dynamic AWD system that turns itself on and off only when the rear tires slip. If the rear tires are not slipping I do not want the front tires powered at all, just like the GTR and 911 do.

It's cool that BMW offers manual control to turn the AWD system off but I prefer an automated system when its a RWD car 99% of the time, unless the rears lose traction.

I guess long winded way of saying I think BMW is dropping the ball with their implementation if I am understanding the system correctly.
That is a perspective sort of thing.

Some people prefer having the control of being able to turn it on and off, some others just leave it as it is and let the car take care of it.

BMW is not Porsche, nor should they try to copy what a Porsche car does.

Most common folk who buys the M (or AMG, Porsche etc) hardly care for these types of things. I doubt they would turn things on and off. As with most people who just have money, they want a car because of the badge first, performance 2nd. Us enthusiasts on the other hand care for performance first.
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