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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
The C class (including the AMG) comes later than the 3 Series (including the M). If the business case is there and BMW has taken the lead to package protect the G20-based M3/M4 for AWD without instigation, then Mercedes will simply follow in turn with the W206. It's highly unlikely that it will come as a same-generation differentiator for BMW.
I guess my question is how much AMG and M compete now that they're separate car lines from their parent companies ... obviously if one of them really falls behind in value it'll cause switching, but there are some features I don't think they compete in much.

Take 'verts: is AMG really trying to steal BMW M 'vert customers? Or are trying to create a new segment of Benz buyers? I suspect it's the latter. AWD seems the same to me - is BMW really trying to protect against customer loss or would the primary goal be to open up a new segment of M buyers? I tend to go with the latter.

I'm a great example of someone who might switch to AMG, but the value just isn't there: it's about 30% more on a lease, it's a soft top, it's a crappier transmission with a stalk shifter, it doesn't look as nice, and it isn't as sharp as the M4. But it does have v8. That's just not a great match up for me whether you add AWD or not. So who does it work for? People that like Benz and would probably never buy a BMW.

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I thought the next M4 was going to be a flying car powered by bloomin' onions and a teaspoon of mayonnaise. At least that's what I read on the internet @