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Well, if the AWD system is in that high demand in this class then Mercedes will no doubt make the move and fit their new version of it as well. And we should believe that BMW will have that knowledge long before we do - potentially in time to react for the G2x-based M3 if it is necessary.

If it were as simple as one-upping the competition, BMW would just give the current car the option for more performance. It wouldn't take much - they have the water injected S55 and could add other existing parts such as the M performance suspension and exhaust. With the existing weight advantage, that would no doubt put them firmly in front of the AMG in "S" trim. But notice that they instead took the lower cost "appearance package" route and released the M4 CS with some GTS cosmetic parts and an immaterial bump in power over the competition package (accomplished via simple software tweaks). And yet, we both know they'll sell every one without problem.

In this segment margins are too important. And business cases are made or broken on features that cost much less than an AWD system. Even if you increase sales, if you are making commensurately less per vehicle then the board may not care. M, AMG, and other in house performance divisions are small sales and run on tight budgets. It is very much a "do more with less" type of game.

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Seems to me it's a market growth question:


If M xDrive is well reviewed then I think their equation changes and they pop it into the next gen M4 with the M2 as their track rat car.

If people hate it in the M5, then they stick with rwd and settle for market share growth.

Feels even money to me right now, especially given the M5 rollout.