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Originally Posted by ///Mac View Post
The new M3 will be arguably twice as big, or at least feel like it. It's seems that it's as big or bigger than the e39 M5. Some people love compact 4 door sport sedans, which the Audi RS4 is, for example. Given that I want to stick with ///M cars from BMW, the fact that I'm limited to a huge M3 sedan (the smallest 4-door ///M sedan) is very disappointing.
My post back in early 2014:

Originally Posted by Sir Loin View Post
I was at the BMW dealership and saw a new 435i. I thought it was really wide. So I started looking for the new M3 and M4 dimensions and comparing the numbers with the older M3s and old and new M5s.

If the numbers are correct, the new F8x Ms are now wider than both E39 and E60 M5s (measuring from center of the right tire to the center of the left tire). The new F8x Ms are wider and longer than the old E46 M3 yet they weight about the same. The bar chart gives a better visual.

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