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I personally do not like wings on sedans. Better suited for the M4 imo.

I'm also more of a purist when tuning/styling my vehicles, so the design package (hood vents, side vents) would not be included in my build.

But the point is that this is a demo car, which has EVERY product they make in the program. It's important for them to show all the options, so people can decide what they like, hence the reason for a demo car.

It's highly unlikely that someone will like 100% of the styling products, because they make these products for different markets that want them (hint, not targeted at the US market).

When you are a global company which designs and sells parts in 60 regions worldwide, diversity in design is necessary.

When I see comments like "autozone" it makes me chuckle because I know that this is a very high quality product that looks like nothing you would find at autozone. I can assure you that even though it may not be your taste, the product will not look "out of place" or "cheap" on the car. The finish, fit, construction, will all look like it was made this way from the factory. This is why I have explained and some can't comprehend, that you have to see the product in real life before passing judgement. Pictures are not it. Just like when the G8x front grill was posted for the first time. The hate was overwhelming, but as people started to see the car in real life, feelings changed. Now much of the continued hate are from those who have not actually seen the design in person. Same goes for the ACS products. When you see the quality first hand, you understand.

Also I agree that we should call out people that use the term "rice." Not just on this thread, but overall. It's a derogatory term that has no place in 2021 car culture. Choose another term.

Not putting down anyones opinion. I just wanted to share my experiences with the products and the company, because so many are unaware that this level of quality is available for the BMW platform.

Many ACS customers are reluctant to post on forums because of the reaction we receive from those who don't understand the brand or it's quality. Many have been told that poor fitment and "china brand" replicas are acceptable on a brand new $78K+ BMW. They flood the market with these price point products to make legitimately engineered, quality products, seem expensive. I may be Old school but
I don't see how putting the cheapest possible part on a high end sports car makes any sense at all. But here we are. It's the same people buying and pushing rep parts that hate on ACS. Makes you wonder..
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