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If I didn't get the go ahead on Twilight Purple then Signal Green was on my short list of colors to ask for next.

I was all in on SPY at first but after a bit I started to see it pop up a lot on FB and IG so I wanted to go for something a bit more unique. Signal Green would definitely check that box if that is what you are after.
wow i looked away from the forums for a few day and you changed your color order !?!? Congrats on the twilight purple, it will for sure stand out

for the next one if I found all the burning holes in my pocket, mint green/ verde mantis /signal green is certainly on the short list
Haha, yeah, I still love SPY and it is my favorite out of all the standard colors available. The more I was looking for photos of it the more I started to see a lot of builds with it on IG and FB and decided that I wanted to go for an even rarer color.

Last gen I believe only 14 cars were built in Twilight Purple...I'm sure more will get made this gen since BMW themselves are promoting the color but still hoping it is a bit more rare.

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Twilight Purple and Mantis Green this morning at Riverside BMW.
Thanks for posting these! That Mantis Green looks great as well.
When the car launched I went on to check around the country and it was probably the most popular color sent to the dealers.

One of my local dealers in Freeport got 2. Other than that it is a phenomenal color.

Frozen deep grey, Frozen PB, or signal for me.
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